Monday, January 18, 2010

Music highlights 2009 Part 1

I was in the middle of writing a long rambling post about my favourite albums of the year when I realised how bored I was and gave up. If I was finding it boring who was gonna read it? So instead I decided to make a kind of 2009 mixtape. So in no particular order (except maybe track listing)...

Fuck Buttons - Surf Solar

Fuck indeed! It was certainly the word that I repeated in my head as this 10 minute plus epic unravelled itself in my headphones for the first time. Building tension with each passing minute it's relentless adrenaline rush makes it feel like the shortest 10 minutes you've ever spent.

Trembling Bells - I Took To You (Like Christ To Wood)

God I love these guys! From their incredible Carbeth this is one of many highlights from an album that sometimes sounds like The Incredible String Band playing The Wicker Man soundtrack... which is a good thing in case you were wondering.

Wilco - One Wing

There was grumbling from some fans that Wilco had moved even further away from the experimental terrain of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and A Ghost Is Born. But given time Wilco (The Album) was another fantastic album. This song especially is up there with their best and was one of the many highlights of their Vicar St. gig earlier in the year.

Memory Tapes - Bicycle

I really thought this wasn't my bag when I first heard it. I'm not a New Order fan for a start. I also had no idea about this guys other projects Weird Tapes and Memory Cassette. It all became clear after a bus journey with my headphones on. There's some beautiful moments on his Seek Magic album that are easily missed with casual listening... not least the voices at around the 3:30 mark on this track. Music to immerse yourself in.

The Duke & The King - The Morning I Get To Hell

Former Felice brother Simone outdone his brothers very disappointing Yonder Is The Clock album with Nothing Gold Can Stay, a lovely collection of soul tinged country rock that put me in mind of prime Isley Brothers. Although it's marred in places by some really ghastly lyrics (something Simone has been guilty of in the past) the highlights are fantastic. A great tonic for anyone thinking the Brothers album was... well... shit frankly!

P.S. The video above for The Duke & The King was the best I could find... the histrionics from the black dude in the hat are not included on the album!

Edit: Found a link to the album version of "The Morning I Get To Hell." God bless Grooveshark!

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